Collaborate. Create. Print.

In a crowded world it’s hard to set yourself apart. By working with our team your brand is customised to showcase exactly what that is. It’s about working together, inspired by difference.





Combining your unique business, our design expertise and a dash of innovation, integrity and creativity, together we can create a brand that is truly yours. Collaboration and passion are essential. We absolutely love what we do and you should too.


As a full service creative design studio, Creative Lucy & Co. ensures that your brand is not just accurate, but engaging. After all, it’s no good just telling people who you are if you don’t also appeal to them. 


We’ve worked with everyone from multinational corporations through to small start-ups across a range of different industries. We can handle almost any kind of design project whether it is a logo or full brand identity, packaging, an annual report or 200 page catalogue, a book or magazine, an illustration for a t-shirt, or a website.





It is our passion to showcase your passion. That’s why clear communication and a strong, ongoing relationship are fundamental.


Design is our passion. However, branding is not just about creating pretty pictures. It’s a collaborative design effort between your passion and our passion. Our vision is fueled by your mission. We take what you have on offer and translate it succinctly and visually in a way that uniquely and clearly reveals the heart of your business. That’s not a once-off checkbox either. We will continue to work together and grow the brand that is uniquely yours. If this wasn’t a business relationship, it could be a perfect romance.



There is no room to copy and paste someone else’s ideas when it comes to your brand. You need true creativity to be unique. This involved purposefully tailored ideas that capture your heart and share your vision with the world. The resulting creative designs will inspire your audience and make you memorable.



Your well-defined brand and your purposeful images must be useable. This means crisp, clear, professional designs. It also means high resolution images that are suitable for printing and eye-popping online images that won’t fade into the noise of the online experience.


Managing Expectations.

Our team are hands on when working with you. Meeting deadlines, providing easy access to your images, and communicating through any bumps in the road help keep all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. Ultimately you won’t just get what you want. You will get a brand that truly and uniquely works for you.

We want clients who will work with us for life. You need a designer to help with more than just the once offs. Someone who understands that you can’t just create one image and reprint it for every single campaign that you ever run. Whether it’s in print or online, you are always growing, and your brand will continue to grow with you. That’s a journey I intend to travel with you. We want to ensure that your brand doesn’t just start with a bang, but it keeps on running strong.


We like to keep things clear. That’s why we offer:


Fixed Prices.

That’s right! - no scary hourly rates that can catch your off guard. You have a budget to maintain and I’ll ensure you always know where things stand with me. So now that weight has been lifted, lets get on with the fun stuff!

We also offer discounts for Veterans, First Responders, Associated businesses and partners.

Contact us to find out more. 


Clear Processes.

Step 1: Let me know what you want and when you need it done by.

Step 2: I’ll do the research and run some design ideas past you.

Step 3: You review and let me know your thoughts.

Step 4: I tweak, improve, and finalise the files for you.


Don’t panic if you’re not completely sure about what you want. I can dig around in your head and help figure out what it is that you really need. It’s one of the fun parts of being a creative!



Whatever size your business is, I can help. It doesn’t matter if the task is straightforward or complex. When I’m working on your job every detail matters. I know how important success is. That’s why I make it my mission to understand what your business needs to stand above the crowd.   


With our team you can be assured of:

●  Attention to detail

● Clear communication

● Quick turnaround times  

● Priority for urgent deadlines

● Affordability

● Solution focused

Since relationships start by getting to know each other, feel free to check out the rest of our website, then give me a call. Let’s get talking!

Together we will construct a design solution package that meets your current needs and paves the way for future growth.