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Creative Lucy is a proud veteran-owned business based in the Bundaberg region and the parent company of M By Design - a Graphic Design Studio specialising in Brand design and First Strike Gear - an online store selling our own branded apparel, headwear and merch.

A portion of the profits made from FSG are donated back to organisations that help support our fellow veterans and first responders and their families.

Stay tuned...we have some exciting sponsorship announcements happening soon!


Hi, we are Smiley and Martina - thanks for checking us out!


We live in a beautiful part of the country near Bundaberg QLD, parents to three children, four fur babies, two ducks and foster parents to a myriad of wildlife.

Smiley is a 24-year Army veteran as a liney and the logistics guy of the business and I am a creative designer with 20 years of experience in the design and print industry as well as a first responder with the Rural Fire Service - heavily involved with community education and mental health support. 

In 2019 a medical discharge saw our family thrown into the chaos of PTSD, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. After battling with the system and adjusting to our new life we thought how can we support our fellow mates going through the same thing.


Smiley came up with the idea that we start a business so 24 hours later First Strike Promo was born. We started it purely on the idea that we only wanted to work with current and ex-serving defence members offering discounts and sponsorship to help support the businesses that support the veteran and raise awareness of suicide. 

While business took off, over the years we came to realise that there are so many organisations out there that support the veteran but not so many that support the families. That is when we decided to change the direction of the business - a small name change to First Strike Gear led us down the road to creating our own apparel and merch line (still in development) which will donate a percentage of its profits to one ESO each year who provides support to the families of veterans and first responders - stay tuned as we are still working on this!

We believe with our passion for what we do, combined with our dedication to helping others allows us to be a voice for the families who often miss out on the support and recognition they need and deserve.

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Veteran +
Partner Discounts.

To give our thanks, we give all ex-serving Defence members, First responders, partners of current serving members who run their own business and related organisations discounts on all our services and packages.

Visit the M By Design website to see how we can work together.